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Modular Homes

Ready-to-move homes (RTMs), similar to modular homes, are built at one location and then moved to a permanent place on a lot or parcel of land.

Modular homes are manufactured indoors, in a factory. and RTM homes are built exactly like a home built on site. This means a more affordable price and the ability to own a new home in rural or remote areas where access to quality trades are limited. 

Ready to move homes offer more options than modular built homes. Our RTM homes are built in our compound in Martensville, 10 minutes north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Built on beams, the house is brought to full completion inside and then loaded onto a truck and moved. Once it arrives at its final location, it’s placed onto a foundation, whether a crawl space or full basement foundation. Then electrical,  plumbing, heating and septic connections are made.

Prefab Cabins vs RTM Cabins

Looking for a cabin home builder can be difficult when the lake or resort is a remote location. Finding qualified local contractors can be extremely difficult.

Our ready-to-move cottages are built stronger, unlike prefab cabins that are built lighter for easier transport. Prefab cabins aren’t built to handle the climates where they get placed, because they’re usually built in a factory in another province or country. Prairie Castle RTMs are built to withstand the harsh Saskatchewan winters, hot summers and are fully compliant to provincial and national energy efficiency building standards.

Browse our selection of RTM cabin plans with a variety of options, all customizable to fit your family and lifestyle. 

Purchasing a new cabin is more affordable than you’d think. Our small cabin plans offer all the amenities for a weekend getaway or choose a larger plan and you’ll be ready to host family and friends with room to spare.

Home Builder Reviews

The Building Process

Planning & Preferences

Bring your ideas, questions, wants and needs. We start our process by asking a series of questions to help get a feel for your desired outcome. Are you looking for a home or cabin? Where will it be moved to? How many bedrooms? We'll suggest an RTM plan that best suits your needs, modify an existing plan or create a brand new plan with you. We work closely with our designer to ensure the finished product is exactly what you're looking for!

Options & Budget

We discuss budget, determine affordability, work within your means to give you the best possible outcome. Then we work on an RTM price based on a preliminary plan. Most plans begin from a pencil sketch, so don’t be surprised when we bring out the graph paper. Once we know the size and design options you want, we can start a preliminary drawing. At that point we can determine the cost to build an RTM including connections after the move. Affinity Credit Union works with us to provide a single mortgage that covers the entire build, from planning to final connections.

Building Begins

If the project is feasible and fits your budget, the planning begins. We draw up a site plan, foundation plan, agreement and then construction begins. Timelines vary depending on weather, home size and project queue, however most homes can be built in is as little as 3-4 months. Choosing an existing house plan is the quickest way to build, so if you decide to modify an existing RTM design, design changes will typically be completed in a month.

New Home Warranty

We stand behind what we build. We’ll walk you through every stage from planning and design styles to products and finishing. We are more concerned with quality than quantity and firmly believe that if we take care of the customer the business will take care of itself. Making sure that quality is not sacrificed, we will not over-promise and under-deliver. Ultimately, we know that the success of our business relies completely on your happiness with us and satisfaction on a job well done. This is why we offer the most comprehensive warranty package available, Progressive Home Warranty.

Workmanship & Materials Protection

All registered builders are required to warrant that the house is constructed in accordance with the building standards prescribed by the New Home Warranty “Construction Performance Standards” that the house is free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the date of possession.

Water Leaks Protection

The building envelope (roof, exterior cladding, windows and doors) and the basement foundation walls are warranted to be free of exterior water penetration for two years from original occupancy.

Major Structural Defects Protection

Your home will be warrantied against major structural defects for five years from the date of possession. Major structural defects means defects in workmanship or materials that have or are likely to have an adverse effect on the performance of the load bearing portion of the home such as footings, piles, basement walls, beams, floor joists, teleposts, load bearing walls and roof trusses.

In addition to the above warranty, Prairie Castle Developments performs two routine service visits to check for cracks or screw/nail pops in drywall, leaks, structural defects and other possible defects in workmanship or materials. The first visit is scheduled six months after possession and the last service visit is scheduled one year after the initial possession date.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an acronym for ready to move homes. Unlike modular or mobile homes, RTM homes are built more solid as if built on a foundation.

Prefab homes are typically constructed in factories, in two or more pieces. The pieces would be sent to you and put together on your site. Prefab homes are often limited in design options.

Mobile homes are mass-produced in factories with a limited number of floor plans and finishing options available. Mobile homes are built in such a way that they can be relocated if desired. The materials used are usually not comparable to those used in a stick-built or ready-to-move home, making them restricted in many jurisdictions.

Our RTM homes are fully constructed and finished on our yard. Once completed the home is loaded onto moving beams connected to the moving truck. The home is then delivered to your site and placed onto your foundation. The process and materials used for building our RTM’s are very similar to those used in building ‘stick-built’ homes.

An RTM can typically be constructed in three to eight months. A “stick-built” house may take anywhere between six and 12 months to complete. Many factors can affect the delivery time of an RTM home such as: the style of home, special order product delays, weather and construction detours.

When a house is moved, small drywall cracks or nail pops can happen. We have personally experienced very little damage during a move because we construct houses with methods and techniques that help prevent shifting while in transit. The difficulty of the move can play a part if the house needs to be set a few times due to location of existing buildings or rough terrain etc.

Our experienced building mover plays an important part in damage prevention. Some fixtures, such as interior doors, mirrors and lights are strapped down until the home is moved onto its foundation, so damage is prevented. After the house is on the foundation, connections are completed, lights are installed and any minor repairs are done. A thorough final cleaning makes the house shine. It is now ready to be turned into a home.

RTM Specifications

■ Engineered wood floor system with 12″ I-Joists & LVL perimeter
■ Solid blocking
■ 3/4” tongue & groove OSB sheathing

Exterior Walls
■ 9’ exterior wall height
■ 2 x 6 construction grade spruce 24” o/c double top plate, single bottom plate (as per Energy Code compliance for zones 7A & B in SK)
■ 3/8” OSB sheathing to bottom of joist
■ 2 x 10 window and door headers

Interior Walls
■ 2 x 4 construction grade spruce 16” o/c double top plate, single bottom plate

■ Gable roof – 5/12 Roof pitch
■ Roof trusses at 24” o.c with 24” overhang
■ 7/16” OSB sheathing with H-clips

■ 25 Year Fibreglass Architectural Shingles
■ Aluminum roof edge
■ Domed vents and metal flashing
■ Gentek, or Mitten; Aluminum Soffit, Fascia and 5” Seamless Eavestroughs with downspouts

■ Premium vinyl siding from suppliers such as Gentek, Mitten or Royal Estate (manufacturer warranty included)
■ Vinyl Siding with corners and accessories
■ Tyvek house wrap on sheathing before siding installed & Protecto tape around all openings

■ Windows – P.V.C, Triple Pane. Low E argon, awning style, casement or fixed
■ Doors – 36” Fibreglass insulated metal exterior doors

■ Walls – R22 batt, Ceiling R53 to R60 Batt or blown-in insulation combinations
■ 6 mil poly, caulking where required
■ Windows and doors spray foamed in cracks for increased “R” value

■ 1/2” drywall for walls and for ceilings
■ Aquaboard in bathrooms
■ Textured ceilings
■ Round corner bead

Plumbing & Heating
■ 1 piece bathtub/shower
■ Ameritech toilets (installed) 1.6 LPF lined tank
■ Kohler china sinks
■ Double stainless steel kitchen sink
■ One piece shower with chrome glass door.
■ Exhaust ductwork roughed into walls in kitchen & bathroom for future HRV air exchanger to be hooked up after house moves by homeowner.
■ Kohler single lever Posi-temp chrome bathroom taps, Kohler single lever in shower, kitchen lever comes with pull out spray nozzle.
■ Ventilation system rough in as per CNA/CSA-F326
■ All drains and water lines to floor joists

■ 100 Amp service
■ Two TV cable rough-in locations.
■ Standard light fixture package Budget $1400.00 at from Fandango Lighthouse
■ Decora switches & plugs
■ All plugs, switches & lights as per code
■ Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors hardwired


■ Closets – customer MDF painted shelving (includes one rod & hardware)
■ Doors & bifold closets – moulded two panel smooth hollow core MDF
■ Painted jambs and doors

■ MDF 4” baseboard & 3 ” casing around windows & doors

■ Weiser door knobs (passage, privacy & keyed locks)
■ Chrome paper holders, towel bars and & mirrors in all bathrooms
■ Mirrors above bathroom vanities are 5 mm thick allowance

Kitchen Cabinets
■ Cabinetry – standard shaker style maple, or oak (extra dark stain may be more $)
■ White melamine cabinets also available, or cream lacquered cabinets (basic profiles)
■ Upgraded FX180 laminate countertops with 180 degree wrapped edges (includes backsplashes)
■ 2 1/4” crown molding above upper cabinets
■ Cabinet handles as agreed upon with builder-standard size is 4” allowance

■ 1 prime coat, 2 finish coats – final coat completed before move
■ 1 main color with 1 feature wall included and 1 trim/door colour
■ Paint super eggshell by Cloverdale paints

Floor covering
■ Vinyl plank or carpet with 7lb underlay in bedrooms
■ Vinyl plank flooring in common areas, bathrooms and kitchen with 20 different styles to choose from. Vinyl plank is durable and can handle extreme temperature changes from hot to cold.
■ Floor supplied by stores chosen by Prairie Castle Developments Ltd.

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Beryl series RTM

Beryl series RTM

  • We can add a wood stove but one can be added after the fact (As seen in the virtual tour)
  • The kitchen island will be maple (not hickory)
  • Check back for updated photos
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